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Do I have to live local to College Station to use your services?
No, Confluence is one of the few Eldercare services with a specialty in technology that connects, communicates, and monitors Seniors regardless of geographic location.
My Dad insists he doesn't need any help and yet my sister and I are called by him at all hours of the day and night. How do we convince him to let others besides us into his life to help him?
It starts with a talk with your Dad. He may not be aware of how many times he is calling on you or may not be facing how much help he needs. The most common method for accomplishing more awareness is to do an assessment with your Dad that asks him some questions about his activities and needs and allows him to review the results. Usually, the assessment process provides him with an understanding of where he really is and what type of help he needs. From there, a discussion of how his family or others can help is a natural followup.
We just want some basic advice about nursing homes versus assisted living facilities. Can Confluence do this?
Yes, a quick phone conversation of your priorities can provide a list of facilities. Information on how the facilities compare on quality and health outcomes measures as well as details on any recent grievances or citations can be provided.
My dad wants to remain at home but my mother cannot take care of him by herself anymore. My family disagrees on what we should do and how to intervene and we have gotten to the point of arguing about it.
A seasoned care manager is a diplomat and negotiator in family situations. Finding common ground, acknowledging differences, recommending compromises, and nudging towards decisions usually takes one or two meetings with the Confluence Care Manager. Sometimes, family tension is high enough that the decision is not made immediately, but the plan is formed and agreed upon. Then, with a little more time or a convincing incident, the plan is put into action.
My Dad is a World War II veteran and I think there may be healthcare benefits he is eligible for. How do I find out about these and apply for him?
Confluence can put you in touch with the Veterans Administration and help you with the paperwork to apply for benefits.
My great aunt lives alone and I am her nearest relative. She is increasingly confused and is still trying to drive despite numerous close calls with accidents. How do I get legal authority to stop her driving before she hurts herself or someone else?
Most elderly people want to maintain their independence rather than truly want to drive. Many times, offering them convenient transportation options is all that is needed to obtain agreement to stop driving. In other cases, an assessment by a physician and registration through the judicial system to become a guardian is required to legally prevent someone who is unsafe from driving. A Confluence Care Manager can help you evaluate the safest and most dignified course of action for your aunt.
My wife and I are in our late 60's. Should we consider long term care insurance?
Although we are not insurance agents, Confluence can discuss the general advantages and disadvantages of the many long term care insurance policies and refer you to agents who can quote policy premiums.
My Dad signed a Do Not Resuscitate directive when he was in the hospital for his stroke. Does it still apply now that he is discharged and living back at his home?
A review of the document will tell us. Some Advanced Directives apply to just that hospital and just the medical episode that brought the patient there. This is one reason why these documents need to be read carefully before they are signed. Free copies of appropriate documents can be obtained from the government and from Elder Law Organizations. These versions apply to multiple situations and can replace the specific ones used at each hospital or facility. This course of action should be considered when a chronic condition such as stroke or advanced diabetes is present because these conditions often entail multiple medical incidents at different facilities during the course of several years.
I think my mother needs a visit by a nurse at least once a week to make sure she is taking her insulin. How do I arrange for this and will it be covered by insurance?
The most common way to do this is to visit a doctor with your mother and discuss with the physician the inconsistency of your mother taking her insulin. You can ask that the doctor write a physician's order for a home health visit if all of you agree this will improve the situation. With the doctor's order, your mother's insurance will most probably cover the home health visit, but health insurance varies so more checking into insurance provisions such as deductibles and the number of visits covered should also be done. Usually, this is handled with a phone call to the insurance provider's information line.
My father has fallen three times in his bathroom. He says he was not really hurt and only loses his balance once in a while. What should we do?
Assessing your father's abilities and the severity of his falls is the first step. Usually, the assessment process itself sparks a family forum for discussing the situation so that you and your father can determine how dangerous for him the situation is and what options could improve it, both short-term and long-term. A care manager specializes in providing an array of options to consider and in managing the process of implementing one or several remedies.
Mom is 91 and cannot keep up with her mail or her bills. We live too far away to help. What do we do?
There are many alternatives for this common occurrence. Most often, a trusted family member can be added to a checking account and bills forwarded to that person's address for payments from that account. If time and distance prevent getting this organized, a Confluence Care Manager can help with the arrangements. In cases where more supervision is required, Confluence can apply for conservatorships and fiduciaries to manage finances.

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