Confluence Care Management

Care Management and Services


Confluence Care Management, Inc., is a care planning and case management organization dedicated to Seniors.

We are professional, trained Care Managers with expertise in life situations and decisions that affect seniors. Confluence Care Management is an independent case management service that you can obtain whenever and wherever you need it.

Confluence Care Managers are independent, unaffiliated healthcare and case management experts in a wide range of solutions and options that place our Seniors' needs and preferences first. We are professional advisors to help you assess, find options, and make decisions on Senior issues when you are pressured, confused, or overwhelmed by your situation.

We provide private duty nursing and certified nursing assistants as well as private drivers and caregivers for seniors who need help with medications, escort to doctors or healthcare facilities, bathing, grooming, eating, housekeeping, running errands, making appointments, or organizing their bills. For seniors who do not want to burden their families but who still need some help, we specialize in doing the things your family would do but include our knowledge and experience to find the best mix of care and service completely individualized to you.


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