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Privacy and Confidentiality

Everyone has a legal and ethical right to privacy, particularly when it comes to health and wellness information. A primary concern of all Confluence Care Managers is to safeguard your privacy.

Confluence Care Managers are required to pass an examination in HIPAA compliance. This means we understand and conform to the current regulations protecting privacy and confidentiality of healthcare information.

We also comply with performance standards and pledge a code of ethics that focuses on integrity and the maintenance of privacy as part of our professional certifications. We are professional care managers who strongly adhere to the standards and code of ethics set by the National Association of Geriatric Care Managers.

In the course of our work, we often receive information on the health, finances, and family situation of our Seniors. The information that we obtain is voluntarily given by you and you can choose to withhold any information you do not want to share. We use a consent form to make sure you are aware that confidential information is being exchanged and that we are obligated to safeguard it.

We treat that information with the care and concern we would like to be shown to us. We do not give your medical history or health, financial, or family status to anyone that you do not specifically authorize. We do not give out your name or other identifying information such as your address until specifically required to do so. We scrupulously protect any records we have on you in either paper or computer form.


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